Rutgers-Camden School of Nursing to Receive Accreditation

The Rutgers-Camden nursing school in Camden, New Jersey announced last week that it will be granted accreditation by the Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society before the end of the calendar year.

The program focuses on patient care from both a rehabilitative as well as an acute standpoint with emphasis on wound, ostomy, and continence treatment. With the ever-increasing number of baby boomers reaching their later years in life, there is expected to be growing demand for healthcare products and services. Also, there will likely be more senior patients who are faced with wounds that are difficult to heal as well those who have issues with incontinence.

The accreditation is good for seven years and will have to be renewed after that pending a review by the Society. And the current accreditation is still technically pending even though it has been announced that it will be granted. The Society’s board of directors is expected to grant approval once the school’s final reports are submitted later this month.

Currently there are six students in the program for the Fall 2014 clinical semester. They have been engaged in bedside care as well as classroom and clinical work.

Students who apply for the program are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and at least one year of clinical field experience. Once a student earns his or her nursing certificate, they will be ready to sit for a certification exam. It has been reported that nursing education is ascending to higher levels. Increasingly, hospitals and other care facilities are requiring graduate degrees.

Rutgers-Camden’s School of Nursing has also received a grant from the state of New Jersey for $7 million to construct a new building for the program.