Nursing School Graduate With Only One Foot Makes Life Look Easy

If you were to ask him, Herman Abuchowski is just a normal nursing school graduate with big dreams of becoming a positive influence in people’s lives through his chosen profession. But Herman has a little extra motivation that most people do not – he was born without a left foot.

As he sees it, however, there is no reason that he can’t do everything in life that he wants to do and more. Earlier in December, Abuchowsi earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing and has plans to work his way into becoming a pediatric care and rehabilitation nurse.

He also recently accomplished another goal as well, one outside of nursing. Abuchowski has always been an avid athlete despite the fact that he only has one foot and for years he had a goal of being able to run a half-marathon in under three hours. He accomplished that goal earlier this year but unbeknownst to his fellow students and educators, the accomplishment was just one on a long list of athletic goals that he has had for a long time. He has also completed a triathlon and has been in hot pursuit of his red sash in kung fu martial arts. All of this with only one foot.

And the best part, he says, is that all of his physical activity has been a tremendous help to him in his pursuit of a nursing career. When asked why he wanted to become a nurse his immediate response was “how much time do you have?” But his real answer is that he has been “searching for the career of my life [and] I want to help people when they are at the lowest point in their lives.”

Abuchowski uses a prosthetic limb to help him do all of the things that a person with two feet can do – and plenty more. And it seems this recent nursing school graduate is just getting started.