New Group of Graduate Nurses Heading to Local Hospitals in Northern Rivers

Recent graduate nurses and midwifery graduates will soon be seen in Northern Rivers hospitals. A total of 23 graduate nurses will be working at Richmond Valley through early next spring.

According to Annette Symes, who is the Executive Director of Nursing for the Northern NSW Health District, records show that there will now be 75 first year midwives and graduate nurses working in local hospitals, a number that is substantially higher than what’s been seen in the previous five years.

Symes is elated about the increase since these professionals are an invaluable and indispensable part of the health care system. She added that their services are central to the care and well-being of patients who are currently in the hospital, as well as those in the community.

Casey House, a recent nursing graduate in the area, is one of the select few joining the team of 23. She’s excited to have the opportunity to share her experience with patients, other nurses and doctors, while receiving invaluable learning opportunities in her newly acquired position. House’s motivation to go into this competitive field was fueled by an urge to help those in the hospital get through rough times.

The program in the North Rivers area is extremely competitive. Out of over 100 students who applied to the program, only 23 were accepted. Each graduate nursing professional coming into these hospitals will work across a wide array of hospital departments, including pediatrics, the emergency room, the operating room and recovery.

This latest group of graduate nursing students will receive on-the-job training and exposure to new opportunities, while simultaneously growing both personally and professionally. It’s a win-win scenario since they gain valuable real world experience while the hospitals benefit from additional qualified healthcare professionals on staff.