2020 Scholarship Application
$1,000 Future of Healthcare
Advanced Practice Nursing Scholarship



Fall Semester


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September 1ST
Fall Semester



2020 GraduateNursingEDU.org $1,000 Future of Healthcare
Advanced Practice Nursing Scholarship

We all know that NPs and other advanced practice nurses are key to solving many of the problems facing the American healthcare system. They’re stepping into primary care roles, alleviating the physician shortage in many parts of the country, and increasingly being allowed to practice and prescribe independently. There’s no question that advanced practice nurses are going to be a big part of the future of healthcare in America.

With a master’s degree as the standard requirement for board certification, becoming a nurse practitioner or other APRN isn’t something that’s going to come cheap. But if you’re the type that’s dedicated enough to step into an advanced practice role and commit yourself to specializing in the patient population closest to your heart, you’re not likely to let the cost of earning the degree you need stand in the way. In fact, it’s that very can-do attitude that brought you here looking for ways to make earning your MSN more affordable.

We’re glad to be able to get you a little closer to being able to cover the cost of that degree with our Future of Healthcare Advanced Practice Nursing Scholarship.

GraduateNursingEDU.org is now accepting applications for our first annual scholarship essay contest – worth $1,000!


Submission Deadline

The application window is now open for the 2020 Future of Healthcare Advanced Practice Nursing Scholarship. We will accept and consider any qualifying submission that comes in by midnight September 1st, 2020.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

We don’t believe in making nursing students jump through a bunch of hoops just to get a little help covering the cost of earning a degree. That’s why we offer one of the least restrictive scholarships available.

Are You Currently Enrolled or Recently Accepted to a Grad Program?

Any recently accepted or currently enrolled first or second year grad students in a qualifying MSN program for Nurse Practitioners, Clinical Nurse Specialists, Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists or Certified Nurse-Midwives would be eligible.

As a current grad student, we ask that you provide proof of having a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 in your graduate studies. If you were recently accepted or just began your grad program, then just provide us with your undergraduate transcripts.

Are You an Undergrad Thinking About Going Into Advance Practice Some Day?

We got good news for you. If you’re currently enrolled in an ADN or BSN program and haven’t made any specific plans yet for earning your master’s, you’re still eligible for the full $1,000 scholarship.

We know that you have enough to think about just trying to get through your pre-licensure program without worrying about where and when you’ll earn your master’s degree. Even if the school you’re currently attending doesn’t offer a graduate degree track for advanced practice nurses, you’re still eligible. There’s no catch.

Just provide us with proof that you have an accumulative GPA of 3.5 or better in any undergraduate courses you already completed. If you just enrolled, we’ll even accept your high school transcripts.

Scholarship Application Requirements

You only need to submit four items to meet the scholarship application requirements:

  • Complete application form
  • 100% original essay of 2,500 words or less that addresses the topic below
  • Proof of being enrolled in or accepted to an undergraduate or graduate level nursing program (letter of acceptance or another verifiable document with school letterhead)
  • Proof of meeting minimum GPA requirements (transcript or other verifiable document on university letterhead; high school transcripts are acceptable for nursing students in undergrad programs)

The application form, required documentation, and essay must all be submitted at the same time.

Plagiarized content on the essay, or false or inaccurate information on the application form are grounds for immediate disqualification.

Essay Topic

We want to hear your take on the full practice authority debate. We’re not so forward as to think that all aspiring APRNs fall into one camp in this conversation, and we respect the points being presented on both sides. Maybe you’re split on the issue and see independent practice and prescriptive authority as two separate issues that need to be considered differently.

We’re not looking for a formal research paper. We’re more interested in hearing about the anecdotal experiences and observations you have made during your years in nursing. We want to know what you really think and feel about the issue, presented with a clear explanation of your stance and why you’ve taken this position.

In advanced practice nursing, you’ll be expected to think critically, act decisively, and communicate clearly. It’s these very attributes that will make for a strong essay.

Scholarship Application

By submitting, you agree to our privacy policy and disclaimer.

We take your privacy seriously, so you can be sure the information you provide is safe and secure. We do not sell or share information to third party websites or companies, or make use of it internally for marketing or any other purpose. Contact information is used solely for the purpose of notifying the winner.

Selecting the Winner

The editorial staff here at GraduateNursingEDU.org will review all submissions that meet the basic requirements and select a winner based strictly on the strength of the essay.

The essay topic is all about your personal experience and your own subjective thoughts and opinions. So naturally, there is some subjectivity to our selection process. This means that everyone with a qualifying GPA who is enrolled in or has been accepted to a qualifying undergraduate or graduate nursing program has an equal shot at winning, regardless of background, employment history, or extracurriculars. We feel this is the most equitable way to approach the selection process.

We know that many applicants will be deserving of the award, but we’re limited to choosing just one winner per year.

Announcing the Winner

We will announce the winner of the Future of Healthcare Advanced Practice Nursing Scholarship within 30 days of the close of the application window on September 1st, 2020.

We will start by contacting the winner by phone or email to deliver the good news. At that time, we will ask for proof of current enrollment and transcripts covering the period of time that may have passed since submitting the application. No further documentation would be required for students who submit their essay and application within the summer quarter/semester immediately preceding the September 1st deadline.

If the selected recipient is unable to supply the required documentation, or if the GPA has dropped below 3.5 since submitting the application, we reserve the right to rescind the award and give it to another applicant.

We will ask the winner to provide a picture of themselves along with a few words that we will publish right here on GraduateNursingEDU.org.

We will then make our official announcement to share the good news with our readers.

Paying Out the Award

We will make out a check for the full $1,000 award and send it directly to the winner in one lump payment immediately upon making our official announcement.

The winner is free to use the proceeds at their discretion to apply toward tuition, books, housing or any other expenses they need to cover during their graduate program.

Non-Discrimination Policy 

GraduateNursingEDU.org does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, gender, religion, disability status or sexual orientation. All qualified applicants are given equal consideration and are assessed strictly based on the strength of their essay. It is at the sole discretion of our staff to select the applicant we feel best exemplifies the traits and values of a great APRN.