About GraduateNursingEDU.org

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GraduateNursingEDU.org was designed to be a free, full-access, and fully objective resource for aspiring clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, certified nurse midwives, and certified registered nurse anesthetists – as well as those aspiring to non-clinical nursing roles in education, research, informatics, administration and more.

GraduateNursingEDU.org is the result of a collaborative effort between RNs who expressed the need for a resource on graduate degree and certification options for entering advanced practice, and a group of seasoned APRNs who worked with our writing staff to provide answers to the questions up-and-coming APRNs most frequently ask.

Our Mission

Our goal is to be of service to RNs who have made the commitment to take their careers to the next level through the pursuit of advanced education and certification. GraduateNursingEDU.org serves as an objective resource for aspiring APRNs looking to explore degree options designed to help them realize their goal of entering advanced practice, and navigate the licensing process during a time when state laws are evolving.

Here you will find:

  • State-by-state licensing guides to help you understand state requirements for entering advanced practice
  • Guides on degree options for BSN-educated nurses, non-traditional nursing students coming from other backgrounds, and ADN-prepared nurses looking to accelerate their path to advanced practice
  • Guides on national certification options for primary APRN roles, as well as patient population focus and specialty
  • Career guides on the paths to take for moving into various advanced clinical and non-clinical rolls
  • Salary information for APRNs specific to each state
  • Blogs that provide a nurse’s perspective and unique insights on current and emerging issues that affect APRNs

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