Nurse Practitioner Residency Programs

Nurse practitioner residency programs are relatively new on the healthcare landscape, with the first program introduced by Community Health Centers, Inc., in Connecticut in 2007. These types of programs have grown slowly, and there are still relatively few available.

However, an October 2012 article in Advance for NPs and PAs predicts the number of programs may increase as healthcare reform creates more demand for primary care providers at a time when the number of physicians choosing primary care is the lowest it has ever been. To help get nurse practitioners into areas with the greatest need, the federal government is considering subsidizing residency programs. The Affordable Health Care Act includes money for demonstration grants toward developing family nurse practitioner residency training programs.

Nurse practitioners also have fellowship options. In general, a residency is designed to advance knowledge in a clinical practice specialty, while a fellowship focuses on a subspecialty.

Partial List of NP Residency and Fellowship Programs

The following programs were available as of December 2012:

American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases NP/PA Clinical Hepatology Fellowship Program

Boston Children’s Hospital (Massachusetts) Pediatric NP Fellowship

Capital Health (New Jersey) Neurosciences NP Fellowship

Carilion Clinic (Virginia) Emergency Medicine NP and PA Fellowship

Columbia University Medical Center (New York) Critical Care NP/PA Program

Community Health Care (Washington) Family NP Residency

Community Health Centers (Connecticut) NP Residency in Family Practice and Community Health

Emory Center for Critical Care (Georgia) Critical Care Residency

Family Health Center of Worcester (Massachusetts) Family NP Residency

HealthPartners Institute for Education and Research (Minnesota) Psychiatry PA/NP Fellowship Program

John Hopkins (Maryland) NP Fellowship in Gastroenterology & Hepatology

Lahey Clinic (Massachusetts) NP Fellowship in Dermatology

Massachusetts General Hospital NP Fellowship in Palliative Care

Mayo Clinic (Minnesota) NP Clinical Residency Program (other Mayo Clinic NP programs are in Arizona and Florida)

MD Anderson Cancer Center (Texas) Post Graduate Fellowship in Oncology Nursing for Advanced Practice Nurses

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (New York) NP Fellowship in Pain and Palliative Care

Methodist Hospital System (Texas) NP Program Fellowship in Transplant or in Neurosciences

Penobscot Community Health Care (Maine) Primary Care NP Residency Program

St. Luke’s University Health Network (Pennsylvania) NP Residency in Trauma and Surgical Critical Care

UCLA/UCSF/Glide/Union Rescue Mission (California) Primary Care NP Residency

University of Maryland Medical Center Critical Care/Shock Trauma Center Residency Program

University of Miami Hospital and Jackson Health Systems (Florida) Acute Care/Adult NP Residency Program

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